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I have recommended that all my friends go to Dr. Toh when they bring up needed a Physical Therapist. He genuinely listens to your concerns and takes the time to understand what you are experiencing; before moving forward to creating a plan to target the areas you want/need to work on. Then he creates a plan customized to your individual needs. He also provides private-pay services, so you know exactly what you are paying and there are no surprise bills in the mail. His services cost less than my copay using insurance with in-network PT providers!

I went to Dr. Toh for carpal tunnel and neck stiffness/pain. He did a session of dry needling for my carpal tunnel and neck, and he created a stretching and light weights routine. The exercises were available for me to view short videos and check off when I did them daily on his patient portal. I have been to PTs in the past who give a generic handout for the workouts, not Dr. Toh! It was so great to have short videos readily available if I forgot how to do something.

After one session of dry needling and a few weeks of exercises I am back to doing hobbies that were too painful before and typing with ease! You will not regret booking with Dr. Toh.

Amber Kosloske

I've had some chronic shoulder pains from a basketball injury. Benji was able to provide a detailed recovery plan that was easy to follow and personalized for my particular situation. Anytime I had a questions or concerns, he was able to provide quick responses and adjusted any parts of the my recovery work accordingly. I highly recommend Head to Toh to anyone who wants to recover quickly with someone who truly knows what they are doing.

Midm Yi

Since I broke my lower leg, I have had significant pain that has lead to other problems because of this pain and weakness. Benji is so knowledgeable and really helped me by telling me how important it is to rest and let myself heal while also strengthening in pain free ways. Benji is an expert at what he does and really provides great care!

Stephanie Komarek

I hired Benji to provide a group PT session during a company retreat in Colorado Springs. He provided a stretch routine that targets common pain points and workplace posture issues. Let’s just say my colleagues (and my back) thank you! Would definitely hire Benji again.

Curtis Witek

Benjamin is an awesome PT! He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He is clearly very passionate about sharing his vast knowledge with clients. Would highly recommend to everyone. I did a private session but I think this would be a great option for group activity, like team building for work, corporate retreat, etc! I will be recommending it for my next company work trip!

Paulina Plewa

Benji is very knowledgeable and professional. It's convenient that he will come to you and that he puts together videos for you to reference, especially since my adhd can be challenging when it comes to nee routines. I have already implemented some of the techniques to reduce my back pain from my physical job as a professional organizer.

Lauren Chessmore

Benji did an awesome job helping me identify the cause of and alleviate my lower back sciatic nerve pain. He was professional and up-to-date on the latest research

Anthony Ries

I greatly appreciate Head to Toh Physical therapy. I've had chronic low back pain for the past 6 years due to a car accident. In my care plan, Benji designed it for my work schedule as well as daily activities. I really appreciate how he took the time to explain the care plan and how each exercise would benefit my well-being overall. Truly emphasized the mind body connection needed. Very grateful I found a therapist willing to go out of their way to examine, explain, and implement a care plan.

Jessica Marie

Benji is a fantastic PT. He helped me recover from a severe muscle tear and eventually regain full function. He is a great listener and provides a tailored and thoughtful recovery plan. Couldn’t recommend him enough.

Daniel Kenney

I consulted Benji twice on stiffness and pain related to my shoulder and to my back. His assessment, diagnosis and recommendations were precise and insightful. In the first instance I had lingering lower back pin that just would not go away. After a 15 minute consult he advised me on one exercise to do daily. It relieved the tightness and pain within 3 days and it did not return. In the second instance I had strained my shoulder blade or the tendons around it after sleeping on my side in an awkward way. I could
Not lift that arm above my head and was experiencing numbness and tingling all the way thru my pinky finger. It lingered before I consulted Benji again. Once again he provided insightful observations and clear directives that I was able to follow to recover full range of motion in my arm and shoulder. The first assessment was in person and the second was virtual. Both were effective and I would highly recommend him!

Paul Toh

I love Dr Toh. Not only once, but twice he has come over in the evening to my house to take care of my 13 year old son. He has helped with massage, cupping, and manipulation. He has also been great with giving my son exercises and a rehab list to get better. I really appreciate the quick response and help with our health. It would have taken weeks to get an appointment through my insurance.

Suzie Bauer

I have been suffering from TMJ disorder for the past 1.5 years. Besides being told to take pain meds and manage my stress, no real guidance or professional help offered to me. What I really appreciated about Dr. Toh was that he took his time to carefully identify the source of my pain. He was attentive, detail oriented and knowledgeable. 2 sessions of dry needling relieved TMJ pain. The exercises he has given me was easy to follow and helpful to address the source of my pain. If you are like me, suffering from chronic pain and don’t want to depend on pain meds, give Dr. Toh a call today!! I highly recommend him!!!

Anna Suh



1. Evaluation to get to the root cause of your problem. This includes a thorough review of your pain/injury, relevant medical history, and goals. Assessment of movement patterns, strength, flexibility, special diagnostic tests, and all relevant possible contributing factors to your problem.

2. Develop a customized treatment plan including manual therapy, dry needling, movement coaching/retraining, and home exercise program. 

3. Follow up visits from 1x/week to 2x/month for 30-60 minutes depending on nature and severity of condition and your goals.

4. Long Term Wellness and Prevention Plan will be discussed to keep you healthy and moving for the long haul! 




To be the brand that transforms healthcare from a transactional and numbers driven machine, to a relationship-based, patient-centered experience where patients feel seen and heard, receive personalized and quality care, and find long term results and empowerment to be healthy, active, and well.


-Provide care that is thorough and not rushed, ensuring all needs are heard and addressed.

-Collaborate with other health providers to ensure all aspects of health are addressed, treating the whole person

-Empower people with the knowledge and tools to rehab and optimize their bodies themselves

-Provide care that is evidence-based, effective, and solutions focused.

-Break down barriers to care by providing easy and quick access to the provider who brings actionable solutions


Authenticity (Communicating Honestly)

Compassion (Listening and Caring)

Justice (Fixing the broken healthcare system and all the people it has harmed)

Integrity (Acting in the way that we say we will act)




Dr. Benji Toh received his Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University in 2015. Since then he has worked with clients of all different backgrounds and injuries in Chicago, San Francisco, and now Colorado Springs. 

Dr. Toh takes a holistic and thorough approach that looks at the whole person head to toe, mind and body. He is passionate about helping people recover from pain or injury and do the active things they want to do again.



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