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The Core Principle of all Physical Therapy

Updated: May 11

🤔Has a doctor ever told you any of the following?

“No amount of Physical Therapy will fix your injury”

“You will definitely need surgery for that”

“You will have pain for the rest of your life”

“Osteoporosis has made your spine like saltine crackers”

“You are one mishap away from severing your spinal cord”

“You will never be able to squat again”

“You should never deadlift”

“You will never be able to run again”

“You will never play that sport again”

💣Believe it or not these are all direct quotes that patients have told me doctors said to them, sometimes many years ago. And guess what they never forgot it and the words literally disabled them and made them believe a lie and life a life in fear and it is so sad to me.

🙏If a doctor has told you any of the above or something like it i would love to chat with you about it to see if I can change your mind.

🔑Our bodies are not so fragile! They are incredibly resilient and adapt and heal given they are put in the right environment for healing and adaptation! Part of that environment is mindset and BELIEFS about their body, exercise habits, nutrition, sleep, and mental health.

💥There is HEAPS of evidence of the efficacy of Physical Therapy for recovery from pretty much all orthopedic (muscle, joint, ligament) ailments. Our muscles, ligaments, joints, discs and nerves heal! And also, they adapt to the stresses you put on them.

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