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Chronic Pain and the Bucket Analogy

Updated: May 11

💊When you experience pain do you try to find a “magic fix”? Very often with chronic pain or recurring injuries it is not that simple and there is rarely a magic fix cure. Taking the “quick fix” approach can put you on a long path of searching for that evasive thing whether it be a pill or a type of massage or spinal adjustment or special instrument or even one special exercise to “fix” it.

🪣The problem with the “quick fix” approach mentality is that pain is often MULTI FACETED. And this is why I use what we call the “Bucket Analogy” to help a person understand their pain.

🔑The Bucket Analogy is very simple. If you imagine the part of your body that is hurting is like a bucket full of water that tipped over, it is not one or a few drops of water that causes the bucket to tip and put you into pain. Very often it is many things that build up over time and then there is a tipping point. You can call this your threshold for pain, your breaking point, or your activity tolerance.

💥Two important things to keep in mind are:

1. What are the different drops of water filling the bucket? (Activity level, Sleep quality and quantity, stress levels, nutrition, pain beliefs, social support, mental health etc.)

2. How big is your bucket? How can we make it bigger? (Mental and physical resilience)

🧠It is a mindset shift. Instead of chasing one elusive magical fix, we consider all the factors contributing to pain and make a plan to address them over time. What I am saying is that it can be a journey and can take time. But I love helping people on that journey and teaching them how to build a bigger bucket, so they can live the more active life they desire.

➡️DM me or schedule your FREE Discovery Call at the link in bio 🔗to learn more.

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